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Hold it!
Our website's not ready yet.

We were happily creating it but got severely distracted by this delightful branding book.
Many things jumped out at us but this one tip was great!
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Our brains are hardwired to notice what's different.
"Our brains are hardwired to notice what's different."

What a wonderful reminder it was for us to stop and look at some of the stuff we've done in the past.  
Did we pass the "make it different" test for our clients?  Let's take a look.


… means 
we start from scratch!  
You share your ideas with us and we’ll conjure up something amazing to help you get noticed by the right people.


… is when we update your already outstanding work!  

Just a few small yet important tweaks here and there.  Nothing major.

Instead of talking to one of those AI bots, let's have a real CHAT!

Email me | Call me | Message 

Have a cuppa coffee with me and we'll figure out how you can get noticed... and get results.   |   +86 137 0163 3139


Many entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle to influence their customers, so we built a system to simplify and amplify their message with great marketing material and social media content so that they get noticed and get the results they want. 

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Sticky Steps
Killer Presentation Book
This is a book we wrote ourselves! Although you can't see the content (unless you go to Amazon to buy the book), did the cover design pass the "make it different" test?
Oh,you can get a condensed copy of the book here.  It's really a 10 minute read!

Design your customer-focused  content marketing strategy

Take the luck, wishing and hoping out of your content marketing.


All you need is a simple and clear content strategy to eliminate your frustrations and instead, influence  your customer!

Build an attractive website to showcase your content

It’s easy to build a super attractive website that looks amazing.  


But… most have content that usually says “Look at me, I’m good, I’m the best, I’m unique.” 


You’ve definitely been turned off by websites like that!


Instead, your website needs a clear and simple message with content that addresses your customers’ challenges. 


It’s about them, not you.

Create engaging content

for any media

Why waste valuable time researching, writing, and editing content?


Isn’t your time much better spent making your business more profitable, or continuing on your quest to save our planet?


Spend your time on your business, and leave content creation to the professionals.

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